Thursday, February 12, 2009

2009 - Fiesta de Santa Agata

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Entertainment for the
Fiesta de Santa Agata

ACT 1- Part 1: Doctor and Nurse

This Act had to be split into two parts because it was so long.
Videos can only be a maximum of 100 Mb (this one was 119 Mb)

ACT 1- Part 2: Doctor and Nurse

An old couple in the village want to see the Doctor,
but they have to wait for the Doctor and his nurse to arrive.

Doctor - Lola
Nurse - Margaret
Old Man - Jordi
Old Lady - Rosi

(They are speaking in Castellano and Catalan.)

ACT 2: Scottish Dance

The men have a plaid sash across their chest.
The men (from left to right) are Jordi, Maribel, Colin
The women (from left to right - with their backs to the camera)
are Lola, Rosi, Margaret.

As you can see, there was some sound problems at the beginning,
PLUS - the elastic broke in Jordi's shorts under his kilt!!

ACT 3: Announcing "Lina Morgan"

Jordi (dressed in his tuxedo - WOW! He's handsome!!)
announces the final act - "Lina Morgan"

"Lina Morgan" singing Gracias, por venir.

Chorus line:
Men: Jordi, Rosi, Lola
Women: Margaret, Rosa Marie, Maribel

Lina: Floyd